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Farrell BlogSpot
Farrell BlogSpot
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Richard Farrell Model Spotlight
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Farrell Hair Replacement is Different From the Rest
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The Farrell Difference - Hair System Makers
Imagine... You can have all of your hair back now
All you need to do is contact us. It’s not complicated or expensive. You want to look your best so that means you need to demand the highest quality in craftsmanship in order to have the most natural appearance. You deserve the world’s best hair systems from Farrell Hair Replacement.
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Richard Farrell is the world’s most sought after innovator in hair system making. At Farrell, we can design and produce your hair systems that are known to be the best in the world. Any company can cover your head with but Farrell hair systems will look as good as your own growing hair.

We actually prove that our systems are the world’s best before you ever meet with us for your consultation. How? Simply view the many media events that are cached on this website. You won’t see demonstrations like this on any other websites because we are the only company that produces hair systems that can regularly pass the inspection of high definition cameras.

It is mandatory that our hair systems are the world’s best because Farrell Hair Replacement has always been based in Hollywood, California. As a result, our clientele consists of entertainment people who need to look better than good. They need excellence. At Farrell, we meet or exceed their expectations. You too deserve the best.

Our ultra custom hair systems are not only the best in the world, they are the least expensive when you consider that a pair of Farrell hair systems can last you 5 to 7 years. This is because we have a staff of hair systems makers who can keep them in optimum shape so that you can always look your best.

You can meet with us at one of our locations or at a city near you.

Simply click on the Salon and Tour locations button on this website or call us at 323-934-3040.

(Outside of USA call 001 323-934-3040)

If you want to have incredible hair again, you must meet with us at Farrell
Other Companies Compare their Systems to Farrell
Farrell Mens Hair Replacement PhotosThey say their systems are as good as Farrell systems and some go far as to say their systems are better than Farrell’s. They even claim they are less expensive. But since all of these companies simply send their orders to overseas factories they just cannot compete with the quality of Farrell hair systems. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. The bad part is when they can’t produce the quality of a Farrell system they resort to bad mouthing, libel and slander towards Farrell in order to make their systems look better. This is an industry that has no scruples and is known for taking advantage of hair loss sufferers. But Farrell is the real deal. And no matter what lies they spread Farrell is universally recognized as being the best in quality and undetectability.

Read More About Richard Farrell
You can have Richard Farrell, the Master himself design your hair systems Meet with Richard Farrell in a Tour City
What can be better than that? Richard Farrell has been performing world-wide Consultation Tours for several years now and has learned that the way to give our clients the best hair systems is to try to personally meet with each client. Richard schedules Tours to most major world cities where he designs hair systems for people who simply want the best. This is the ultimate way to get a perfect hair system.

No Salespeople at Farrell
Farrell does not believe in selling anyone. When you meet with any of us, you will be meeting in a private environment where we simply show you our work. See for yourself. Then, you decide. You’ll see that Farrell is the absolute best in the World. You never have to worry about high pressure sales techniques at Farrell.

Can you see the difference?
The Farrell difference?
Consultations are by appointment only
You can book your no cost/no obligation consultation online at www.FarrellHair.com. You will be thrilled at having all of your hair back and you will look incredible. End your hair loss situation now by calling Farrell today.

Toll Free 1-877-787-4247
Intl. +001-934-323-3040

Meet with Richard Farrell at a Farrell Salon Location
Farrell Salon & Tour Locations WorldwideIt is worth the effort to travel to a Farrell salon in a major city and meet with Richard. The process of designing your hair systems is very important and needs to be done right. Of course, we have a few other super designers who can design your hair systems. Rest assured that we will not simply turn you over to inexperienced employees. But these are Richard’s techniques so when he designs your hair systems you are in the best of hands.

Genuine Farrell Hair Replacement Distributors
Farrell hair systems may be purchased through a Farrell distributor in good standing with Farrell. If you are ever in doubt if a company is a genuine Farrell distributor, simply check our website before patronizing a business that tells you they offer Farrell hair systems. If they are promoted on our website, they are genuine. If not, be careful. In an effort to grab people who want Farrell hair systems, some bad companies claim they sell our systems.
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Let’s work together and help people in need
We are interested in supporting hair replacement salons who will commit to being ultra custom and selling only Farrell hair systems and Farrell products. We will support your salon as if it was our own.
Be Careful; Don’t Believe all You Might Read About Farrell
Ever since Farrell Hair Replacement was voted the Best in the World, we have been under constant attacks from the industry and our competitors. Since the other companies cannot match the quality of Farrell ultra-custom hair systems, many have resorted to discrediting Farrell with anonymous posts on the Internet, using "look alike" Farrell URL’s, and building libelous websites that are designed to harm Farrell. They slander the Farrell name. They do all they can to steal our employees. They steal our model photos. They even re-edit our videos and present them as their own. Since they can’t have the best hair systems, they simply try to ruin the Farrell name in order to make their hair systems look better. In general they have declared an all out war against Farrell. Yet, our small company survives.
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So beware of these companies who trick you. Be careful about what you read about Farrell on these web sites. Companies that resort to these tricks are certainly not companies that you should trust with the designing of your hair systems. Believe what you see when you schedule your consultation with Farrell.
Farrell is a Small Company
We look gigantic on the Internet but Farrell Hair Replacement is a small company. Richard and Laura Farrell prefer to work on a smaller amount of clients in order to give them the highest quality undetectable hair systems.
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We accomplish such perfection by being a company of hair system makers and being in control of the production process. Other companies simply order your systems from a factory and hand you over to their hair stylists. Hair system making is extremely complicated and it is critical that each step of the process is performed correctly. Farrell ultra-custom quality cannot be accomplished if you’re handed over to employees who are not experts. That is why Richard and Laura Farrell are involved with the production of as many hair systems as possible.

The "Best Hair Systems in the World"

Are Also The Least Expensive
The longevity of a pair of Farrell hair systems is 5 to 7 years! When you factor in the longevity of our hair systems, Farrell is definitely the least expensive. And during that time you will look great! Don’t settle for a company that can only give you "throw away" hair systems (that last anywhere from 1 to 6 months), and will try to trap you into an expensive maintenance program.
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As you are probably aware, the other companies charge you horrific monthly fees to attach, clean and re-attach your systems. We free you of being "glued to a company" with expensive maintenance plans. Farrell clients enjoy their days off instead of being forced to spend those days in a hair replacement salon. It’s true that Farrell Hair Replacement systems are the Best in the World and also the least expensive.
Richard Farrell Hair Replacement Consultations
You can get Farrell Hair Systems Almost Everywhere Since Farrell is a World-Wide Company!
Schedule your no-cost consultation today
To schedule a no cost/no obligation consultation at a location near you simply fill out the form below. We'll contact you at your convenience to schedule your consultation.
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